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Mindless Behavior Facts

Mindless Behavior is pop/r&b group made up of four members, Prodigy, Ray Ray, Princeton, and Roc Royal (they are all 13, going on 14). Two years ago their agents brought them together through auditions and formed the group. Princeton and Roc Royal came together first (winning out over 600 people wanting to audition), then their manager saw Prodigy and flew him out to LA. Next, Ray Ray auditioned at midnight and made the cut. Mindless Behavior has went on tour with the Back Street Boys, and has even opened for Justin Bieber at the 2010 Popcon concert. Multi-talented, and young in the game, Mindless Behavior definitely has a bright future ahead of them, and already has support from people around the world like Germany, China, Africa, Australia, etc.

Mindless Behavior also recently released their single called "My Girl" and the music video which appeared on 106&Park continuously(Fans can also buy the song and video on iTunes). They have 4 songs well known which are "My Girl", "Future", "Mrs.Right", and "#1 Girl".

Valentine's Girl

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Roc Royal Facts


Birthday: July 23rd

*Roc Royal used to dance with crews, and he started rapping at a very young age

*He's from LA

*His favorite color is black

*His signature accessories are his hats

*He's the youngest of the group 

Prodigy Facts


Birthday: December 26th

*Prodigy got discovered by his videos that he posted on youtube about 2 years ago. 

*He's from Philadelphia

*His favorite color is Red

*He has a signature accessory which is his Teddy Bear chain

*He Loves scary movies

*Prodigy is the oldest of the group members.

Ray Ray Facts


Birthday: January 6th

*Ray Ray used to crump, and dance with Tommy the Clown; and he went on tour with him

*He's from LA

*His favorite color is Purple

*His signature accessories are his goggles and his braids

*Hes the second oldest of the group members.

Princeton Facts


Birthday: April 21st 

*At a young age, Princeton danced in music videos, and did commercials.

*He's from LA

*His favorite color is green

*His signature accessories are his glasses, and his hair:)

*He's the third oldest of the group.

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The maker of this page is in love with mindless behavior so much. The maker is love the most with Roc Royal and Prodigy the most and would do anything to be with them.
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